Design and Technology

 We design our mouthpieces using two different methods: collaborating with successful brass musicians for our Signature Series or designed in the lab and then tested by professionals for our Standard Series. The design process is not only based on data but also on feedback and input from musicians and scientists. In the manufacturing process, we use the most advanced CNC machine along with other technologies to keep our tolerance to the minimum level. Our goal is to make air and energy transmitted to sound in a more efficient way in order to achieve a better result for your performance.

Numbering System

Unlike many other brands, Ultimate Brass Mouthpieces do not utilize a traditional numbering system. After an extensive process of consulting and testing, individually, with master performers,  Ultimate Brass strives to discover and highlight those unique emotions and distinctive characteristics and bridge the gap from imagination to reality. Each mouthpiece, then, is named based on the desired character of the mouthpiece itself. 

We want our customers to be less concerned with the size of a mouthpiece, and more concerned about what the mouthpiece is designed to do, which is to help you make your best of all possible sounds with the greatest of confidence and ease.