“I am so happy to have developed a whole new line of bass trombone mouthpieces with Ultimate Brass. I use these models for everything I play and couldn’t be happier. They have an awesome sound and are easy to play throughout the range of the horn. Ultimate Brass is really focused on the customer and has been so convenient to work with. This is an exciting time for the company, and I can’t wait to see what special products we create with their amazing team in the future.”

-George Curran
Bass Trombone, New York Philharmonic

The Ultimate Brass mouthpieces are the best in the business. They accomplish the beauty, depth, resonance, and power necessary for high players seeking the highest artistic levels. I can play with the widest range of expression on any of the Ultimate Brass mouthpieces. From Schubert to Mahler and Bach to Strauss, these mouthpieces cover it all!

-Timothy Higgins
Principal Trombone, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Faculty, San Francisco Conservatory of Music

Faculty, Northwestern University

“I am thrilled to be working with Ultimate Brass on mouthpiece design, and the “Vaughn” model is working great for me with The Philadelphia Orchestra! The A1 alto mouthpiece is also my top choice for orchestral alto trombone, I just did Beethoven 5 and 9 and nailed it!  “

-Matthew Vaughn
CO-Principal Trombone, the Philadelphia Orchestra
Faculty at Curtis Institute of Music and Temple University

"A player always looks for the ultimate goal of combining equipment with skill and creativity. I am so excited to achieve this milestone with the new Adam Frey model mouthpiece from Ultimate Brass!"

-Adam Frey, Euphonium
International Soloist

Professor at University of North Georgia

“With my Ultimate Brass mouthpiece I feel I have complete control over my instrument at all times. From low to high, soft to loud, the entire range responds evenly and consistently. The low register is outstanding without the usual loss of focus and intonation in the high register that normally comes with a large mouthpiece. Articulations and flexibility are also improved. My Ultimate Brass mouthpiece gives me the confidence I need from the practice room to the concert hall stage.”

-Michael Szabo
Bass Trombone, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

“The Ultimate Brass LTC mouthpieces were designed for me in 2018 and I’ve been using them exclusively. This is the first time in my life to use a mouthpiece without compromising on anything. Mr. Sun did an amazing job of customizing my mouthpieces. His mouthpieces are designed and crafted to perfection. Thank you, Mr. Sun and the Ultimate Brass for making my life so much easier!” 

-Tak-Chun Lai
Principal Tuba, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

“I am honored to join the Ultimate Brass Family of Artists. The quality of the mouthpieces is second to none. Playing on one helps me achieve a projected, round sound and I play better since I switched to a UB mouthpiece. I highly recommend it to colleagues, friends, and students.”

-Peter Solomon
Principal Horn, Shanghai Symphony Orchestra

“Sun He and I collaborate regularly on making custom equipment for myself and my colleagues in the Singapore Symphony. The quality is superb and his products are also being used by musicians in some of the finest orchestras around the world, including the New York Philharmonic and Philadelphia Orchestra I am proud to be an Ultimate Brass Artist and look forward to many more creative projects to come!

-Sam Armstrong
Trombone, Singapore Symphony Orchestra

"With Ultimate Brass, I have found a mouthpiece maker that is reliable and trustable, producing a product that gives me great comfort and ease when making music as a trombone player!"

-Denson Paul Pollard
Bass Trombone, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

Professor of Trombone, Indiana University

“ The workmanship and attention to detail at Ultimate Brass is first class and I highly recommend them for all of your brass needs “

-Jeffrey Lang
Associate Principal Horn, the Philadelphia Orchestra
Faculty at Curtis Institute of Music and Temple University

"I have no idea what mouthpiece will feel or sound good on your face, but I know that my Ultimate Brass mouthpieces feel more comfortable and sound better than anything I've played before. Sun He is an excellent craftsman and a pleasure to deal with."

-Huw Dann
Principal Trumpet, Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra

Brass Unit Coordinator, Auckland University

“The Ultimate Brass MW FS1 immediately became my “go-to” mouthpiece on F-tuba. It provides clarity and evenness in all registers that I’ve spent years searching for in an F-tuba mouthpiece. The quality of craftsmanship and attention to detail are second to none, and the diverse lineup of mouthpieces means there’s something for every combination of player, instrument, and style. Bravo on a great line of tuba mouthpieces.”

-Steve Lamb, Tuba

Rhode Island Philharmonic

U.S. Coast Guard Band

“The new Ultimate Brass MW Series is the result of many years of discussion and design. Sun He has taken all of my wishes and thoughts and brought them to life. As soon as the prototypes were ready, I immediately began using them in everything I do. The results have been nothing less than exactly what I wanted. In fact, by trying different mouthpieces on the same instrument, I am able to expand my color and tonal pallet to great effect. From on stage with the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, to the Recording Studios of Beijing, to  Recital Halls, the Ultimate Brass MW Tuba Mouthpiece Series makes the bridge between meat and metal as organic as I could have possibly hoped for.

I am absolutely ecstatic to be working with Ultimate Brass on the MW Series of Tuba Mouthpieces.”

-Micky Wrobleski
Principal Tuba, Beijing Symphony Orchestra

“I have been working on these two mouthpieces with Mr. Sun He and spent years on improving them. They eventually came out with great playing comfort and sweet sound. I highly recommend UltimateBrass mouthpieces! I use Ultimate Brass mouthpieces for both solo and orchestral playing.”

-Wang Wei
Bass Trombone, Singapore Symphony Orchestra