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French Horn Mouthpieces - Signature Series
  • French Horn Mouthpieces - Signature Series

    Ultimate Brass french horn mouthpieces (Signature Series, One piece model).

    • Resonance Enhancement Process

      This product is avaliable with our special Resonance Enhancement Process, you will find more shimmer in the sound and easier to shift between different tessituras. $100 additional charge for the unique process.

    • Tech Specs:

      Model Rim Dia.(in) Rim Dia.(mm) Throat (in) Cup
      J. Lang 0.663 16.84 0.199 Medium Deep          
      J. Lang 2 0.663 16.84 0.199 Medium
      ZH1 0.689 17.50 0.158 Deep
      P. Solomon 0.666 16.92 0.199 Medium
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