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Piccolo Mouthpiece
  • Piccolo Mouthpiece

    • Unlike many other brands, Ultimate Brass Mouthpieces do not utilize a traditional numbering system. After an extensive consulting and testing process, individually, with master performers, Ultimate Brass strives to discover and highlight those unique emotions and distinctive characteristics and bridge the gap from imagination to reality. Each mouthpiece, then, is named based on the desired character of the mouthpiece itself.
    • We want our customers to be less concerned with the size of a mouthpiece and more concerned about what the mouthpiece is designed to do, which helps you make your best of all possible sounds with the greatest of confidence and ease. 
    • This series of models are designed with regular shank length. They can be used on both Bb and C trumpets. For the short shank version (C trumpet exclusive), please find it in the C trumpet mouthpiece section. Note: The Prisk C model is in regular length.
    • We offer both Cornet and Trumpet shank for piccolo mouthpiece.
    • All of our models fit Bb and C trumpets. However, we highly recommend using our Short Shank version for C/Eb/D trumpets.
    • We offer models for rotary trumpets as well. See the list for more details, please.
    • After over 30 months of R&D, we are now offering the "Prisk" signature line of trumpet mouthpieces, that we developed in collaboration with the Philadelphia Orchestra trumpet player Anthony Prisk. We offer models for C, Bb, Rotary, and Piccolo trumpets under the "Prisk" signature line.
    • Tech Specs:

      Model       Rim dia.(in) Rim dia.(mm) Throat(in) Throat(mm) Cup Depth (in)
      Prisk P 0.656 16.67 0.143 3.63


      P7  0.646 16.41 0.143 3.63



      0.646 16.41 0.143 3.63



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