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Bass Trombone Mouthpiece - Signature Series
  • Bass Trombone Mouthpiece - Signature Series


    • Description: George Curran Signature Series:

      "The Curran “Orchestral” model mouthpiece is ideal for any playing you do on the job. It has a deep, rich sound with a clear and very defined core. For having such a big sound, the articulation is very easy and consistent throughout the range of the horn. The Curran Orchestral mouthpiece has a great range and flexibility, yet really fills out the section. It is the ideal ensemble mouthpiece.


      The Curran “Recital” model is very similar to the Orchestral mouthpiece, but has a slightly lighter sound. This makes playing virtuosic passages easy, and long solo performances aren’t taxing. The articulation and flexibility are really efficient, while still letting me feel like I can create a great sound. I also use this mouthpiece occasionally for getting a lighter section sound in ensemble playing. 


      If I really want to dial it back and play lighter music, possibly with an alto trombone in the section, I recommend using the Curran “Leggiero” model mouthpiece. The blend with a section of smaller horns is really special, and both soft and articulated passages are a breeze. I use the Leggiero with a single-valve bass trombone for these situations, or for when I want to play a tenor. 


      And for those moments when you really need an extra gear in your low playing, I present to you “The Crusher” Curran mouthpiece. It has a deeper sound than the Orchestral model and centers extremely well in the low range. It does a great job in the middle and upper ranges as well, though its specialty is to lay the foundation of a larger section or in a trombone choir. 


      All of these mouthpieces have similar rims and throats, so switching from one to another doesn’t take any adjustment at all. "


      -George Curran, Bass Trombone, New York Philharmonic

    • Description: Denson Paul Pollard Signature Model:

      "My signature mouthpiece is designed to produce a warm sound that favors the mid and low, with ease in the high."


      - Denson Paul Pollard

      Bass Trombone, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

      Professor of Trombone, Indiana University

    • Tech Specs

      Model Rim dia.(in) Rim dia.(mm) Throat(in)



      Dr. Denson Paul Pollard Signature Model 1.161 29.49 0.318 Deep
      Curran - Leggiero 1.139 28.93 0.318 Medium Deep
      Curran - Recital 1.139 28.93 0.318 Deep
      Curran - Orchestral 1.139 28.93 0.318 Deep
      Curran - Crusher 1.139 28.93 0.318



      Bond 008 1.140 28.96 0.314 Deep
      Wang Wei M 1.123 28.52 0.314 Medium Deep
      Wang Wei L 1.127 28.63 0.314 Deep
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