• Ultimate Brass Tuba Mouthpieces "LTC" Series - Lai Tak-Chun Signature Series

    This line of models are exclusively deisgned for Lai Tak-Chun, principal tuba with Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, including LTC C for C tuba and LTC F for F tuba

    • Descriptions for LTC Signature Series:

      The LTC-C model comes with a 33.5 rim size. This mouthpiece will give you a full sound with strong core. very clean articulation and the ability to play both loud and soft easily. highly recommended for orchestral and larger ensemble playing.

      The LTC-F model cones with a smaller rim than LTCC, 32.5mm. LTCF was designed to be a all-round mouthpiece on piston F tuba. It will get you the high range you want without losing the power in the lower range. Flexibility is also one of it's strengths thanks to the sharp inner rim shape.